With 20 years industry experience, Luke Fallon offers the total package building service and can manage your project through the initial design concepts right through to final completion.

our TEAM

Luke Fallon



Cert IV Building

Nominated Supervisor Licence #72387S


Cert III General Construction (Carpentry)


Cert III Furnishing (Cabinetmaking)


23 years experience in Building & Joinery Trade

14 years working in Building Project Management 



Cathy Clarkson

Accounts & Office Manager



Harry Morgan



Cert IV Building & Construction



Kristan Gaudiosi

3rd Year Apprentice Carpenter


Cert III Carpentry



Dean Hines

Carpenter / Builder


Cert IV Building & Construction










Cameron Hooper

M. 0404 158 773

E. cameron_hooper@live.com.au

W. www.creativehomedesigns.com.au



David Neate / Holly Neate

M. 0411 885 214

E. david.neate@neateprojects.com.au 

E: holly.neate@neateprojects.com.au

W. www.neateprojects.com.au


Building Certifier

Paul Gearin 

M. 1300 368 534

E. Cronulla@localgroup.com.au

W.  www.localgroup.com.au
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Building Certifier

Steve & Glen Manning

P. 9545 4062

E. admin@andson.com.au

W. www.andson.com.au

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Alan Croucher

Ph. 02 9523 7013

E. ac5688@tpg.com.au

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Interior Designer

Sonja  kritzler  

M. 0411 506 093  

E. sonja@sonjakritzlerdesign.com

W. www.sonjakritzlerdesign.com

Interior Designer

Catherine Heraghty

M. 0410 525 401

E. catherine@thestables.com.au 

W. www.thestables.com.au